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Philstar’s Graduation 2011 Promo   Leave a comment

Check out Philstar’s Graduation 2011 promo.

“Graduates, we salute you!

Because you worked hard to earn that diploma, is giving you a graduation gift  you truly deserve!

We are giving away Php 30,000 pesos worth of Hush Puppies gift certificates to your barkada! Just share a photo of you and your barkada and tell us why they made your school days fun and special!” Read more.


DADS Ultimate Buffet Graduation Promo   Leave a comment

“Congratulations to all graduates ! Celebrate your special day at DADS The Ultimate Buffet Restaurant ! One Free Buffet for every Group of Ten ! And for all dining-in grads one free drink with stuffed toy ! For inquiries and reservations call EDSA (705-1807), Padre Faura (528-1723), West Avenue (413-6359), Glorietta 3 (892-8897 to 98), or Megamall (636-3785).”


DADS Ultimate Buffet Graduation Promo