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Anong mabibili ng 20 pesos? (What can you buy with 20 pesos?) Cornetto’s popular tagline, “Hanggang saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo?” got me thinking one day. And so I searched high and low (aka Googled) for the answer, wondering if we can really buy anything worth P20 in this day and age.  Well, to my surprise, there are still some food joints and other commercial establishments out there that sell appetizers, drinks, desserts, etc. for only P20.

Here’s a list of 90 things you can buy for P20.00. Can you add 10 more?

1. 12 oz. Iced Tea at GoodAh!!!
2. 12 oz. Juice ko! at GoodAh!!!
3. 5 to 6 pieces of siomai at the University Belt
4. A cup of kwek-kwek at Banchetto
5. Adobo/Asado Roll at Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant
6. Ako ay Pipino Boy (Cucumber ensalada) at Central BBQ Boy Grill
7. Alaska Evaporated Milk 158ml at Pinoy Shop n’ Save
8. All Text 20 at Smart Communications
9. Almond Jelly at Pat Lin Delicacies
10. Alphabet sugar cookies at Heaven Sent Desserts
11. Atchara at JT’s Manukan
12. Bagoong Lipunan/ Bagoong Umaga at Bagoong Club
13. Banana cookies at The Bakery Store, Johan’s Beach Resort
14. Banana Turon with Langka (Jackfruit), Carioca at Dell’s Restaurants
15. Biscocho at Corrines Pancit Malabon
16. Bottled Water at GoodAh!!!, Chic-Boy
17. Bread Bites (stuffed breadsticks) at The Tea Square
18. Buko Pandan at Quick Stomach
19. Buttered/Curry/Plain Rice at Grilled Tomato
20. Button cell battery at CD-R King
21. C2 Apple/Lemon at Central BBQ Boy Grill
22. CD marker at CD-R King
23. Cellphone Wallpaper, Polytones, etc. at Globe Telecom portal
24. Cheese Cup Cake at Dell’s Restaurants
25. Chilled Taho at Hap Chan
26. Chocolate/Caramel/Cream Cheese/Cheddar Dip at Auntie Anne’s
27. Coffee at Chic-Boy
28. Computer games (per hour) at Cyber Loft
29. Cookies at Country Style
30. Extra Pita Bread or Buttered Rice at Persian Filipino Kitchen
31. Extra Teriyaki Sauce/Gravy/Sweet Chili Sauce/Rice at Brother’s Burger
32. Fleur De Liz Specialty Paper at National Bookstore
33. Fresh Buko Juice at Coconut House
34. Fried egg at Betty’s
35. Fried Lumpiang Ubod at Dennis the Grill Boy
36. Garlic Bread / 2 pcs. Tasty Bread at Buddy’s Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban
37. Grilled Onions at Grilled Tomato
38. Grilled Tomatoes at Grilled Tomato (Now isn’t that confusing?) …
39. Guacamole/ Tomato Salsa (side dish) at Café Lupe Grill and Restaurant
40. Hashbrown and other breakfast add-ons at Cara Mia Gelateria
41. Headscarf, headbands, etc in Divisoria
42. Healthy You Raisins at Robinson’s Supermarket
43. Iced Milo at Top Meals Food House
44. Iced Tea at Dell’s Restaurants, Zark’s Burgers, Amazing Cones
45. Internet (per hour) at Zoe iCafe (University Belt), Famy Internet Cafe (Cavite), Cyberscape (Cebu), Real Site (Cebu), Coolworks (Cebu)
46. Invisible Ink Pen with Black Light at National Bookstore
47. Kankong with Bagoong at Sinangag Express
48. Large Paper Bag at Kopi Roti 0_o
49. Leche Flan at Quick Stomach
50. Mamon at Fluke! Cuisine From Home

51. Mango Juice at Chic-Boy
52. Mashed Potatoes/ Mushroom Gravy Sauce at Aioli Café
53. Medium Softdrinks/Iced Tea at Aling Lucing Sisig
54. Mouse pad at CD-R King
55. Nilupak at Dell’s Restaurants
56. Okoy at GoodAh!!!
57. Orange Juice at Dell’s Restaurants, Chic-Boy
58. Palitaw at Dell’s Restaurants
59. Pancake at Dell’s Restaurants
60. Pineapple Juice at Dell’s Restaurants, Chic-Boy
61. Pinoy Yogurt cone at Green Mango
62. Plain Yoghurt at Grilled Tomato
63. Plain/Spanish Rice, regular size at El Pollo Loco
64. Plus Alkaline batteries at CD-R King
65. Pork barbecue at Andok’s (Dig this, P6 barbecue in 2010 )
66. Pork Q Sampler at Nanay Q
67. Puto Manapla at Ilonggo Grill
68. Quail Eggs Yakitori at The Urban Feast
69. Regular Donut at Country Style
70. Sago’t Gulaman at Central BBQ Boy Grill
71. Scratchit! Sweepstakes tickets at PCSO
72. Seaweeds Soup at Syoti’s Noodles and Toppings Express
73. Small backpack in Divisoria
74. Small cinnamon rolls at The Bakery Store, Johan’s Beach Resort
75. Small, regular pizza cones (screaming garlic, hula ham, etc.) at Amazing Cones
76. Squid Ball Yakitori at The Urban Feast
77. Stir Fry Tongue at Dennis the Grill Boy
78. Sundae Cone (plain) at Sango! The Burger Master
79. Sweet Corn (side dish) at Ababu Persian Kitchen
80. Taho at Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe
81. Talong with Bagoong / Pinakbet side dish at Binalot
82. The Sanctuario Raisin Bread at Sanctuaryo
83. The Sanctuario Wheat Bread at Sanctuaryo
84. Toasted Wheat Bread at Cha Gio
85. Tomato with Red Egg at Sinangag Express
86. Ube/ Langka Ensaymada at Icings
87. Ukay-ukay clothes sa Davao
88. Wedding giveaways / souvenirs at Simply Unique Gift Shop
89. Zigzags/Gringo/Walkman/Boot Camp at Joe Isaw

90. With 20 pesos a day, you can make a difference and save a life by sponsoring a child through World Vision*. Share your LOVE this Valentine’s Day! ❤

World Vision - Share Your Love

*Check out what Chico Garcia and Sam Milby have to say about helping and sponsoring children through World Vision.

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