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Bronze Gym Physical Fitness Center


If you are the type of guy who’s into free weights, body building and muscle conditioning, Bronze Gym definitely has what you need. Located inside North Fairview Park Subdivision in Quezon City, the facility has everything you need with its array of free weights, gym equipment and machines suited for your fitness, toning, conditioning and body building needs.


Aside from having the most affordable membership, monthly and daily usage rates in the Metro, it has a very accessible snack bar/eatery. Its warm and friendly atmosphere is truly conducive to workout which is the key to attaining your fitness and wellness goals. Bronze Gym is indeed your friendly neighborhood fitness center.


One Spa & Fitness Center


Are you looking for a gym that has everything you need? One Spa & Fitness Center is definitely the right choice for you. Located along Banawe St. in Quezon City, this six-floor center co-owned by celebrity actor Diether Ocampo has all the answers for you.


Their attractive and courteous staff and personnel are more than willing to give you a tour of the facilities and assess your fitness/wellness needs depending on your preferences and goals as you enter the building’s first level. The first level also has a coffee shop/restaurant and a beauty parlor.


The aerobics room, mini boxing and rock climbing areas are located on the second floor. You will also have a chance to meet Mr. Boni Tan, the Managing Director and co-owner of the gym in the control room located on the same floor.


The third floor houses the stretching area and all your gym and weight lifting needs such as free weights, treadmills and Cybex machines, just to name a few. You will also have an opportunity to learn about scientific training and exercising methods (sports specific, hybrid, rehab and sports conditioning) from Nestor Hernandez, a UP graduate who has been Diether’s personal trainer for more than 9 years now. He can definitely expand your knowledge about functionality through his philosophy, “Being fit is not just looking good but is all about being functional, being able to do regular activities and extraordinary tasks without undue fatigue.”


The foot reflexology lounge, juice bar, male and female locker rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi are located on the fourth floor. The massage rooms are located on the fifth floor while the offices are located on the sixth level. One Spa and Fitness center also boasts of an elevator and ample parking spaces for your convenience.


With One Spa and Fitness, the key is long term. Avail of their very affordable rate starting at P12, 000 unlimited for one year which includes access to Gym facilities, aero and rock climbing, shower and locker room facilities.


Taragym (formerly Kidlat Gym)


If you are a person who’s into muscle toning, conditioning, or if you simply want to stay fit and maintain your body condition, Taragym is the perfect place for you. It has a complete line up of free weights, gym equipment, machines and a shower facility that will suit your needs.


Unlike most of the fitness gyms in the Metro, Taragym does not have any joining fees, membership fees or monthly fees. They only charge a very affordable rate of 75 pesos per use so you definitely get your money’s worth. This set up is also very good for beginners on a budget.


The facility is located along P. Tuazon Street in Quezon City, which boasts of a badminton facility (Paracourt) which is also a good fitness or cross training alternative.


Cris Muscle Gym


If you live close to the Sampaloc area, a good place to workout would be Cris Muscle Gym. It has all the gym equipment and machines you need for toning, body building and muscle conditioning.


The gym started in February 2004 and boasts of over 100 members. It is located along Samar Street in Balik-balik, Sampaloc Manila. Cris Muscle Gym offers an affordable membership and monthly fee. It also offers daily usage fee of 35 pesos for non-members which is very practical. It truly is one of the most affordable gyms in the Metro.


Body Plaza Gym


This is one of the well-known gyms in Tondo, Manila. Located along Nicolas Zamora Street, Body Plaza gym has one of the most affordable membership, monthly, daily and non-member fees in the Metro.


Body Plaza Gym started on March 10, 2004 and now has more than a hundred members. Aside from body building, the gym also has several interesting services offered such as weight gain and loss, Aero, Kickboxing, Cardio and Fitness programs.




If you live near SM Manila and you are looking for a place to workout, Bodimetrix should be on top of your list. It has everything you need from free weights to fitness machines. It also has a shower room which is a necessity in fitness gyms.


Bodimetrix started in September 2004 and is located along A. Villegas Street in Arroceros, Manila. It does not have a joining or membership fee and they have very competitive rates for monthly and daily usage so you definitely get what you pay for.


Elorde’s Boxing Gym

Do you want to learn boxing, train or simply want to stay fit in a totally unique way? If your answer is yes, Elorde’s Boxing Gym is the place you should visit. This gym is perfect for boxing professionals, enthusiasts or newbies.


With branches in Katipunan, North Edsa, Gilmore, Sampaloc, Mandaluyong, Las Pinas and Paranaque, its accessibility and affordability makes it the people’s choice for their boxing, body building and fitness needs. Elorde’s Boxing Gym is owned and operated by the family of the late Philippine boxing legend Gabriel “Flash” Elorde.


Avail of their very affordable membership, monthly and daily usage rates which also gives you access to their free weights, machines and gym facilities. Other branches also offer Muay Thai which is becoming a popular martial art in the country as well as an alternative way to stay fit. Visit a branch near you. Stay fit. Learn boxing and more the Elorde way.


OZ Fitness Gym


This stylish fitness gym has all the gym equipment and facilities you need for your muscle toning, conditioning and body building needs. Located along Holy Spirit Drive in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City, OZ Fitness Gym has been a fixture for several years now.


The facility has a very friendly atmosphere, spacious locker rooms and shower facilities and most especially, very helpful fitness instructors. It also offers boxing, spinning plus (aerobics on a bike) and steam bath all at very affordable rates.

You will definitely feel at home while working out at OZ Fitness Gym.


Size N Shape Fitness Gym


Owned and run by 2-time SEA games silver medalist in pole vault and 2002 Greatbodies Grand Champion, Emerson Obiena, Size N Shape Fitness Gym will definitely address your entire workout and bodybuilding needs. It also offers sport-specific weight training.


Founded on November 10, 2003, Size N Shape Fitness Gym has more than 130 members. It offers affordable membership, monthly and daily usage rates that would suit your budget.


Mighty Mark Muscle Gym


If you are into body building and martial arts, Might Mark Muscle gym is the right choice. Aside from the usual bodybuilding and Aerobics facilities, it also offers various types of martial arts which include Advanced Aikido, Taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Dulac, Kickboxing and Arnis all at affordable rates.


Located in Sampaloc, Manila, Mighty Mark Muscle Gym started on October 10, 2003 and has more than a hundred members to date. It has one of the most affordable rates in the Metro.


Power Sport Fitness Spa


This all-in-one fitness center is located inside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, Quezon City. It boasts of its complete line up of gym and fitness equipment, spacious locker and shower facilities, steam bath, sauna and spa services.


Power Sport Fitness Spa does not have any membership or joining fees. It offers competitive monthly and pay per use rates comparable to smaller budget gyms. It also offers martial arts trainings such as Taekwondo, Aikido, Muay Thai, and Boxing.



Gym Branch/ City Unique Points (What sets them apart) Membership Rates Membership Benefits Non-member Fees Other Services/
Promos Contact Person Email Phone
1 Bronze Gym Physical Fitness Center Quezon City Open 6am – 10pm daily; Low membership rates P100 Access to all free weights, machines and gym equipment/avail of monthly rate @ P500 or pay per use rate @ P25 monthly rate @ P600; Pay per use rate @ P35 snack bar/kiosk N/A Ricky Rebollos N/A 7386725
2 One Spa & Fitness Center Quezon City Co-owned by Diether Ocampo P2500 unlimited for 1 month or P12,000 unlimited for 1 year. Access to Gym, Aero and rock climbing, shower and locker room facilities P500/session free full body massage Beauty Salon, Rock Climbing, Boxing, Massage, Foot reflexology Membership fee of P20000 1 year unlimited for couples Mae N/A 7121332; 4126311-12
3 Taragym (formerly Kidlat Gym) P. Tuazon, QC Affordable rates No joining fee/no admin fee. No membership fee Access to all free weights/ machines 75/day Badminton N/A Grace N/A 4370669
4 Cris Muscle Gym Manila Affordable rates Membership fee – P1000, Monthly fee – P500 Access to all gym facilities P35/day N/A N/A Bong Baquiran N/A 714-4339
5 Body Plaza Gym Manila Affordable rates Membership fee – P550, Monthly fee – P600 Access to all gym facilities P70/day Weight gain & loss, Cardio and Fitness programs, Aero, Kickboxing, Shower/locker N/A Vorrman Ting 254-6867
6 Bodimetrix Manila Affordable rates P850 monthly Access to all gym facilities 120/day Shower N/A Lorena Bangit N/A 484-3176;
(0917) 952-6235
7 Elorde’s Boxing Gym Blue Ridge, Q.C. Boxing P500 *rates differ per branch can avail of P200 per session and access to boxing and gym facilities P250 per session Muay Thai – P300/session; P350 for non members N/A Andrew N/A 4403680
8 OZ Fitness Gym Quezon City Affordable rates Membership fee – P1000; Monthly fee – P500 Access to all free weights/ machines 150/day boxing, spinning plus (aerobics on a bike), steam bath N/A Roel N/A 4315561
9 Size N Shape Fitness Gym Manila sport specific fitness training Membership fee P750, Monthly fee P650 Access to all gym facilities 100/day sport specific fitness training N/A Emerson and Jeanette Uy Obiena; 364-9973
10 Mighty Mark Muscle Gym Manila Bodybuilding and Martial arts Membership fee P500, Monthly fee P800 Access to all gym facilities P35/day Bodybuilding, Advance Aikido/ taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Dulac, Kickboxing, Arnis, Aerobics N/A Mark Alvin Baquiran 714-4339
11 Power Sport Fitness Spa Quezon City Located inside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth/no membership fee/affordable rates No joining fee/no admin fee. No membership fee. Monthly fee – P1420 Access to all free weights/ machines, sauna, steam room. Locker and shower facilities. 200/day Taekwondo, Aikido, Muay Thai, Boxing, Spa. N/A Rich N/A 931-0477, 430-5661
12 Red Katt San Juan Affordable rates Membership fee – P500; Monthly fee – P700 Access to all gym facilities. Walk-in P100/day; Non-member monthly rates – P800 Bodybuilding, Body Shaping, Taebo N/A Ryan 726-8920




Sources used:


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  • Prices and promo rates were obtained from phone interviews.
  • Most of the actual spas and gyms on the list were contacted and their representatives provided their existing rates, fees and promos with their full consent.

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