The Most Affordable Express/Budget Spas in the Metro   4 comments

All Day Spa


Are you part of a team? Is your group looking for an entirely unique experience? All you have to do is visit All Day Spa.


Located at the Sunshine Boulevard along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City, All Day Spa offers facial massage, foot scrub and full body massage, among other services at very affordable rates. Bring your friends and avail of their group packages that will even lower their rates.


The center’s warm ambiance offers a relaxing feel giving the body, mind and spirit a treat it deserves amid the hectic pace of modern day living. At All Day Spa quality and affordability is provided for you and your friends.



Spa 168


If you are looking for an affordable, full service spa, this place should be among your list. Located beside McDonald’s along Tomas Morato in Quezon City, Spa 168 offers a 60 minute full body massage at 350 pesos which goes down to 280 pesos for weekdays at 2-5pm. This includes the use of their steam room and shower facilities and a choice of iced tea or orange juice as a complimentary drink.


Spa 168 plays a very relaxing pipe in music. There are common and VIP rooms to choose from when having a massage. A combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage technique is employed which provides relief for those tired muscles after a hard day’s work.



Ton Ton Thai Massage


If you are looking for a relaxing massage at a very affordable price, Ton Ton Thai Massage is definitely the place to visit. With several branches in the Metro and its famous Thai massage technique, it has received quite a number of good feedbacks from satisfied customers online through blogs.


Ton Ton Thai Massage uses a pressure point-stimulating type of massage which does not use any lotion or oil. This is ideal for people on the go since you will feel revitalized without the slimy or sticky feel. A 60-minute massage only costs P250 from 1-6pm, and P300 on all other times. They are also open until 2am which is very convenient since most spas and massage places are closed by midnight.


So if you are not much of a Jacuzzi or Steam room type of a person, Ton Ton Thai Massage is the perfect place to achieve relaxation and revitalization at a very affordable price.



Big Apple Spa


If you are in Tiendesitas and you suddenly feel the urge to have a relaxing massage, all you have to do is visit the Big Apple Spa in SM Hypermart.  This express spa offers very cheap massages for your feet, back and whole body. A full body massage is priced at P290, and is done in a cubicle type private room which is not bad for a budget spa.


Though their rooms are smaller compared to those of the high end spas, the interiors are pretty decent. Big Apple Spa also offers various massage techniques and styles so you definitely get what you pay for. So if you are on a budget and would like to relax and revitalize, Big Apple Spa is definitely one of the places to consider.



Happy Family Spa


This affordable full service spa is ideal for couples. Happy Family Spa is the only budget spa with couple rooms only so beds come in pairs for every room. Each bed is designed with a hole for your face which is perfect for back massages. The only disadvantage is that if you are alone, you might end up in a room with a complete stranger which does not work well for other people.


Happy Family Spa is not a first class or high end spa but if you are looking for quality of service and affordability, especially if you are with your partner or loved one, this is definitely one of the places to consider. Massage rates start at P300.


So treat your partner or loved one to a unique and relaxing experience. After all, spending a lot of money does not guarantee satisfaction. At Happy Family Spa satisfaction comes at an affordable price.



10 All Day Spa Quezon City affordable rates facial massage/foot scrub/full body massage                            200/200/380 foot scrub/full body massage Full body massage group package 5+2 @ P2100 Mira N/A 3746783; 3744334 
11 TonTon Thai Massage  Quezon City Very affordable. Oil – less back/body massage ideal for people on the go. Open till 2am. Concentrates on massage services only (no Jacuzzi & steam bath) Thai Body Massage 300 Back massage/foot massage/ Full body massage P250 body massage from 1-6pm daily N/A N/A 920-0706 
12 Spa 168 Quezon City very affordable rates Full body massage (Shiatsu/ Swedish) 350 Full body massage (Shiatsu/ Swedish) Full body massage @ P280 on weekdays only from 2-5pm N/A N/A Number not listed
13 Big Apple Express Spa SM Hypermarket -Tiendesitas Cheaper rates Full body massage 290 Full body massage N/A N/A N/A Number not listed
14 Happy Family Spa Greenhills cheaper rates; ideal for couples since they only have couple rooms back massage 300 Full body massage/back massage N/A N/A N/A Number not listed





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  1. Just had my massage yesterday at BIG APPLE Express Spa in Cabanatuan City,I have to say their really good in fooling their customers! The menu says 60 minutes but the actual massage took only 45 minutes. Curiously I asked the frontdesk attendant why is it so. Her answer was: “Sir kasi yung 15 minutes para sa rest period po” Hahaha! I almost bursted into tears! WTF! I’m used to getting a massage from various places in Manila as well as Pampanga but I’ve never heard of such insolence! Novo Ecijanos BEWARE!!

  2. I have just visited Happy Family Spa in Greenhills. All I can say about the massage was incredibly good, even at first when one of the attendants came in she was quite small and slim. But she can do hard and good massage. Its really worth my money.

    I also like the set up of their rooms, you really had privacy. Catering mostly for couples.

  3. I have tried Pilgrim Spa at Wilcon City Center, Visayas Ave, it’s a new mall opened last March 2, 2012. At first glance, the aesthetics of the spa looks like high end, but after inquiring of their rates, the price is reasonable. Pilgrim Spa is a sister company of Happy Family Spa. Good massage, friendly and warm people. They have Wet Steam Sauna (good for those planning to sweat or slimming)that is very relaxing before the massage, they have Afternoon Delight promo P350 for 1hr. Their couple’s room is the same rate, this is good for couples! Its convenient because the mall have big parking. What is interesting is that they also have a mini theater, you can watch HD Movies while having your Foot Massage! Excellent! two-thumbs up! All I can say is that its worth my money. Highly recommended!

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