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Soneva Spa


If you want to be treated to a gratifying and fulfilling massage or treatment, Soneva is the place for you. Named after a Maldives world class paradise, Soneva Spa offers services that would definitely indulge your senses and soothe your soul, as their company slogan states.


As their unique point, Soneva uses the Xiamen Foot and Body reflexology which is based on their belief that in order to immediately experience the general sense of well-being, the body needs to achieve balance between the two elements of Yin and Yang.


Soneva Spa is located at the fourth level of the Forum Building along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Their variety of massage, therapeutic services and couple’s packages backed up by a great ambiance, world class service and very reasonable rates will definitely make you come back for more.



Wensha Spa


Are you looking for a spa that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Get the best of both worlds at Wensha Spa. Located in front of the World Trade Center in Manila, it is the only spa that offers a one hour full-body massage, free use of Jacuzzi/sauna, and a buffet spread where you could eat and drink all you can before and/or after your massage session.


Wensha is the only spa that allows you to stay up to 12 hours after the massage session. This means you can use the amenities or decide to sleep for as long as 12 hours and no one will bother you.


The facility also boasts of its one of a kind keyless sensor locking mechanism which assures security of belongings in your locker. Facial care, body scrub and hair waxing are services also offered by the facility. Feel the distinction with Wensha spa, where fitness and pleasure is within your reach at an affordable price.



Ace Water Spa


If you are looking for a unique spa experience, Ace Water Spa is the place to visit. It is the country’s first of its kind European Concept water spa.


The 3000 square meter all weather indoor facility houses 9 heated pools, an assortment of 25 hydro massage systems, a herbal hot pool, and pool sections for kids aside from the usual sauna and steam bath rooms offered by most spas.


Ace Water Spa is truly a world-class facility backed up by extraordinary service to assure a relaxing and fun experience for you and your whole family at very affordable rates.



Holiday Spa


Located along D. Tuazon Street in Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Holiday Shiatsu and Fitness Center has everything you need to pamper yourself and obtain a healthy and relaxing feel that you deserve.


The center boasts of separate facilities for men and women with steam bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, large shower, vanity and locker rooms, relaxation/hang out lounges plus VIP and common massage sections.


The ambiance and quality of service, backed up by affordable rates will definitely make Holiday Spa one of your top choices.



Body Worx Spa and Fitness Club


This one of a kind spa and fitness club is located along West Avenue, Quezon City. Body Worx boasts of services and departments specialized to suit your fitness, beauty, and wellness needs.


Their fitness department offers a complete line of gym equipment with professional fitness instructors to assist you with your workout needs. Another attraction is the Freddie Roach boxing camp which is open to boxing enthusiasts, newbies and professionals who want to train, learn boxing or simply want to stay fit in a totally unique way.


Body Worx also features a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery department for your beauty needs, and a Physical Therapy department headed by a Medical team from different Medical backgrounds and specialties, ready to address your needs.


Best of all, Body Worx provides excellent massage services and offers daily promos on various therapies and treatments at very affordable rates which would make you come back for more.



The Getaway Spa (G Spa)


Free yourself from the hectic pace of modern living. The G Spa allows you to pamper yourself more often at affordable rates without losing the luxury feel.


Located at the Courtyard Building along Sgt. Esguerra Avenue in Quezon City, the G Spa offers 20 percent off on all massages from Mondays thru Thursdays, 1-5 pm which even lowers their affordable rates. It also boasts of its huge relaxation lounge and a wet area that houses a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a wet pool.


The G Spa’s services, treatments and value packages would definitely suit your health and wellness needs. It’s truly an “affordable luxury”.



One Spa & Fitness Center


This high-end spa and fitness center has everything you need. Located along Banawe St. in Quezon City, this six-floor center co-owned by celebrity actor Diether Ocampo will definitely address all of your beauty, fitness and wellness needs.


One Spa and Fitness Center boasts of its world class facilities backed by excellent service and very affordable rates. Pricing starts at 320 pesos for a full body massage. The center is equipped with a foot reflexology lounge, a juice bar, male and female locker rooms, Jacuzzi/sauna, coffee shop/restaurant and a beauty salon.


To top it off, the facility also has a gym, an aerobics room, mini boxing and rock climbing areas for health buffs and sports enthusiasts. One Spa and Fitness center’s building is equipped with an elevator and ample parking spaces for your convenience.  It is truly a complete package worth your time and money.



Sonaire Club Spa


If you are the type of person who treats yourself to a good, relaxing massage after a hard days work or if you simply want to fight stress, Sonaire Club Spa is the perfect place to visit.


It is located along Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City, just in font of Alfredo’s Steak House. Sonaire offers a wide array of massage variations and techniques not offered in most spas such as Yoga, hot stone, Aeropian, Indulgence, spot massage, Thai, and Chinese aside from the usual Swedish and Shiatsu. Soniare also boasts of its high end facilities which include sauna, steam room and hot shower facilities. Other services include body scrubs, facial treatments, and head and foot therapies.


Feel the tranquility and warmth of the Sonaire ambiance. Feel recharged and rejuvenated at very affordable rates.



California Nails and Day Spa 


If you are into nail and skincare, California Nails and Day Spa is the place for you. With several branches in the Metro, they specialize in nail and skin care while some of their branches provide massage, facial and waxing services and body scrub.


California Nails and Day Spa is the only nail and skincare salon in the country that follows California State Board and Cosmetology Standards.  Have a well-deserved pleasant spa experience at an affordable price and visit one of their branches today.




  Spa Branch/ City Unique Points (What sets them apart) Most Affordable Treatment(s) Rates Bestsellers Promos Contact Person Email Phone
1 Sonaire Club Spa  Quezon City Cheaper rates; Different massage variations (Yoga, hot stone, Aeropian, Thai, Chinese) aside from the usual Swedish and Shiatsu Spot Massage, Swedish/ Shiatsu 280/400 Swedish/ Shiatsu Modern Worker Package (Foot Spa + Any Massage @ P750) N/A N/A 928-3439; 411-8016 
2 Holiday Spa Quezon City Jacuzzi, Steam Bath, Sauna, VIP Massage center, Separate massage facilities for men and women VIP massage treatment for women 580 Full body massage N/A N/A N/A 731-9176 
3 Ace Water Spa Quezon City European Concept Water Spa, “Spa All You Want” within 4 hours Hydrotherapy/ Swimming 550/250 (for kids 4 ft. below in height)  Buy 2 Get 1 (AM Promo), Buy 3 Get 1 (PM Promo) Buy 2 Get 1 (AM Promo), Buy 3 Get 1 (PM Promo) N/A 367-8041; 367-8062; 415-0164; 415-2477; 09195868585 
4 The Getaway Spa (G Spa) Quezon City Pricing, huge relaxation lounge, wet area has jacuzzi, cold pool and sauna paraffin wax treatment/foot spa/full body massage 200/350/ 500 Egyptian treatment for rosy pink skin, coffee scrub, shiatsu and Swedish massage.  20% off on all massages from Mon – Thurs (except holidays) P999- coffee scrub + massage; P1100 aromatic salt scrub + massage Boo Atayde 928-9539;  09175350743 
5 Body Worx Spa and Fitness Club  Quezon City Physical and Cosmetic Surgery, Freddie Roach Boxing Camp Full body Massage 650 Full Body Massage, body scrubs, facials Monday Madness for selected massage and facials promo @ P299.99; Body Massage @ P299.99 on Thursdays and Friday socials promo of Parisian Peel and Mesotherapy @ P1199  N/A 410-3866; 372-9800;  374-6819 
6 Soneva Spa Quezon City Xiamen Foot and Body Reflexology; Yin and Yang approach of body balance to achieve wellness of being; Couple’s room Super intensive callous removal/Asian Lily hand spa/ Soneva’s signature massage with Xiamen reflexology and anti-aging Italian honey facial masque 280/420/ 520 Soneva’s signature massage; Couples Package – Full body romantic massage with anti-aging facial massage (1 hr 45 mins.) @ P1960;  N/A N/A 9266249; 09174071129
7 Wensha Spa Manila Open 24/7. Eat all you can before and/or after your massage. Unlimited servings of soup and drinks. Full body Massage 580 Full body Massage Promo 1 – Body and foot combo massage @ 800.  N/A N/A 832-0515
8 One Spa & Fitness Center Quezon City Co-owned by Diether Ocampo. Rock Climbing, Boxing, Fitness Gym, Beauty salon and spa all in a 6-floor center. Full body massage 320 Massage, foot reflexology and salon services. VIP room given to the woman if you avail of the full body massage service as a couple. Mae N/A 7121332; 4126311-12
9 California Nails and Day Spa   Greenhills/Magallanes/Market! Market! /Paranaque City/Pasig City/ Quezon City/ Robinson’s Galleria/ Robinson’s Midtown/ Salcedo  follows California State Board and Cosmetology Standards Manicure/ Pedicure                       200/390 Manicure/Nail art/Pedicure Manicure+ Pedicure @ 400; free jewelry cleaning (depending on branch) N/A N/A 886-7400, 886-7431 – Market! Market!; 635-5142, 635-5417 – E. Rodriguez; 706-1088 – Pasig; 722-9245, 722-9275 – Greenhills;  385-3012, 536-2017 – Manila; 813-2927 – Makati; 853-9210, 853-9211 -Magallanes; 809-7733 – Paranaque; 8201569, 8253419 – Alabang 



Sources used:


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  • Prices and promo rates were obtained from phone interviews.
  • Most of the actual spas and gyms on the list were contacted and their representatives provided their existing rates, fees and promos with their full consent.




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  1. You might also want to try Spa Wherever You Are – . They offer great home service massage and spa in Quezon City for P250. Their number is (02)468-8000 thanks!

  2. wow! thanks! my gf will be ecstatic sa couple’s package na ireregalo ko sa kanya..tagal nang nagsasabi nun na “sayang, di kita nakakasama sa spa.” hahah! thanks much!

  3. Yup i think Spa Wherever You Are is cool!

  4. May I invite you to please visit Star Bliss Salon & Spa located in Timog Ave. Cor. Scout Torillo…

  5. thanks nice post love going to spa. do you still have other spa near quezon city with affordable and re;axing ambiance

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