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Now, here’s something to thank President Arroyo for — Weet-Bix , Light ‘n’ Tasty, and other products from Sanitarium. Mrs. Arroyo visited the health food company’s factory, which is said to employ 20+ Pinoys, during her state visit May of last year. She signed a MOU with the New Zealand government, which brought us Pinoys even more health food options in our grocery aisles. 

Weet-Bix is a very popular breakfast or snack among Australians and Kiwis (New Zealanders). It is said to be “Australia’s most popular breakfast cereal for over 30 years.” From their web site, you can see that it actually comes in seven varieties and, understandably, Fruity seems to be the fave among Weet-Bix lovers. I’ve only seen the original version so far  though at our local grocery stores (PhP95 to 99 for the 375 gram box). It is best eaten with warm milk and fresh or dried fruit and is very filling. Don’t leave it too long in warm milk though as it will become soggy and look like mud! Not a very appetizing sight, if you ask me.

Sanitarium Light ‘n’ Tasty is a wonderful addition to great-tasting cereal products available locally. They come in Triple Berry, Apricot, Apple and Cranberry, and Mango & Passionfruit flavors and is a slightly cheaper option compared to Post and other imported brands (at PhP249, 600 g box), whilst maintaining a high level of quality. It’s best eaten with skim or soya milk, and nuts or Sky Flakes’ Fit Crackers for added crunch.

So grab a box now and lighten up! 🙂

“Count your blessings, name them one by one, mmm mmm mmm mmm……munch… munch…munch… munch.”

Oh, by the way, a free cookbook is available at their site for those among you who are based in Australia. Lucky you!


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  1. Where can I buy Weet-Bix and Light n Tasty?

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