Lite Alternatives: Healthy Choices that are Light on the Budget   1 comment

Lite Sandwiches

After searching for affordable and healthy sandwiches, these are my top three:

If you are in search for something cheap to quickly fill you up, just locate any of the thirty-three branches of Tropical Hut Hamburger. Their Chicken Sandwich is cheap at P49.00; add a few more pesos for fries and a drink.

Zuppa’s Veggie’s Fave is a triple-decker on wheat bread. Consists of lettuce, apple, tomato, cucumber, and cheese, it is both light and healthy. At P70.00, it is also light on the budget.

Likha Diwa sa Gulod, known for products made from gluten and soy protein and source of vegan and seafood dishes has the Vegetable Tuna Steak which is a steal at P80.00.

Hello kababayan, will you help us in our search for cheaper options? Email for your tips and suggestions.

Bestsellers Lite
Price Main
Dunkin Donuts Bavarian
Cream, Strawberry-filled donuts
Tuna Salad Bunwich P38.00 tuna chunks, mayonnaise, bun (632)4151175
Tropical Hut Hamburger Hamburgers, Rice meals Chicken Sandwich P49.00 chicken chunks, celery, mayonnaise, white bread (632)6432333
Big Brother Bakeshop & Restaurant Bread, Cake Tuna Asparagus Sandwich P70.00 tuna flakes, asparagus, pickles on loaf bread (632)8180203
Zuppa Café Thai Bagoong, Bulgogi Gogo Veggie’s Fave Sandwich P70.00 lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, apple, cheese on wheat bread (632)6873171, (632)9253388
Likha Diwa sa Gulod Vegetable Kare-kare Vegetable Tuna Steak Sandwich P80.00 Wheat bread, soya, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, onion (632)9255522
Kenny Rogers Roasters Roasted Chicken, muffins Cold Chunky Tuna Sandwich P82.50 wheat bread, lettuce, tuna chunks, pineapple (632)5338888
Crepe de Chine Mangoteena, Mad Nutter Grilled Chicken Caesar P88.00 chicken fillet, lettuce, tomatoes, flour-based bread, caesar
Almon Marina Kebab, Roasted Beef Sandwich, and Gourmet Sandwich Sour Cream and Chicken Sandwich P95.00 rye bread, sliced chicken, lettuce cheese (632)6341297
Fazoli’s Spaghetti, Pasta, Pizza, Lasagna Club Sandwich P99.00 turkey ham, mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, on
submarino bread
Oliver’s Super Sandwiches Sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, Salads Vegetarian Sandwich P108.00 lettuce, tomato, apple, carrots, cucumber, on wheat bread or
white bread
(632)6874168, (632)6874169


One response to “Lite Alternatives: Healthy Choices that are Light on the Budget

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  1. Hi,

    This is interesting for people like me on a tight budget and a diet in mind.

    Was hoping to get some addresses to go with the places? I’m in Marikina and do travel a lot to QC and Makati.

    Anyway, good work and keep em coming.

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